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Afipa represents the self-medication medicines industry.
It promotes the development of a legislative and regulatory environment that is favourable to the development of responsible self-medication in the common interest of patients, pharmacists, companies and society.

What is Afipa?

Afipa is a professional body that represents the self-medication medicines industry.

As a public health player, Afipa's mission is to promote self-medicines within the public health framework, in the interests of patients-consumers, pharmacists and companies who are members of the organisation, as well as society as a whole.

Associated members


Celtipharm aims to optimise in a sustainable manner the medical-economic and marketing-sales resources of players in the Healthcare chain. Celtipharm seeks to help healthcare players become more efficient, providing them with data and analyses that can contribute to a Santé Raisonnée® [
rational healthcare] in the interests of all Healthcare players.


Le Gers is a consortium set up by a number of pharmaceutical companies in order to combine their sales data (retail pharmacy and hospital) with a view to better understanding and tracking their markets.



Vidal is a subsidiary of UBM Medica (United Business Media Group), leader in information on healthcare products.